About Sound Absorbers

Echoes are fun when you’re screaming your name on the edge of a mountain. Or when you’re learning about them in a physics class (Nerd alert). Now imagine being in a room full of kids that has reflective walls—Yikes! It’s the noise from all the kids screaming. But it’s louder. Or imagine having all the musical skills needed to be a YouTube star. But when you record yourself, the sound is ruined by all the bouncing soundwaves.

So echoes aren’t always fun. In fact, they can be quite a nuisance. This is why we have Sound Absorbers. Instead of reflecting the sound back, these Absorbers ‘absorb’ the sound-waves. This makes them perfect to soften the sound in an otherwise noisy place.

Luckily for you, we sell them – sound absorbing panels, foam, blankets, and more! And only the long-lasting and efficient ones! Check out our range of awesome products to eliminate all those unnecessary echoes.