About Accessories

Your own little Soundproofing DIY project? Sounds fun! But you know what’s not fun? Putting all that time into a project just to witness a shoddy final product. Unfortunately, not using the right accessories does that.

We aren’t exaggerating. Although soundproofing is never a 100% cure for noise, you can improve the amount of noise reduction using the right accessories. Let’s take Resilient Channels for instance. These act as shock absorbers and avoid annoying noises coming in through the plasterboard. Or acoustic sealants that take care of all the sound-leaking gaps.

These products strengthen, support, and improve the primary soundproofing solution you have selected. Whether it is an acoustic panel, blanket, window, fence or anything else—these accessories hold them together. We have all you need to ensure that your solution is as good as it gets.