About Sound Barriers

Let’s be honest, some of us aren’t blessed with wonderful neighbours. Or wonderful neighbourhoods for that matter! You decide to sleep in on a Sunday morning and what happens? Mr and Mrs Early-Risers are mowing their lawn. Loudly. Right next to your window. So what’s the call to action now? You’ve asked nicely twice in the past already. This time, you’re thinking about cold-blooded murder. Let’s stop you right there.

You may fail at finding a middle-ground with your neighbour. Or in another situation, the council may laugh at you for wanting vehicles off the road. But our Sound Barriers won’t fail you. These can help keep the noise in or out. They block the path of sound waves and force them to go under or over the barrier.

An acoustic window for you, an acoustic fence-wrap for Mr and Mrs Early-Risers—and we are already doing our bit for world peace.