Marine SoundProofing


VyBar® Marine Soundproofing is a semi-rigid marine noise barrier and vibration dampening sheet specially designed for all marine vessels and various industrial applications. VyBar® consists of a double-needle punched, 100% polyester fibre layer on one side, with a visco-elastic acoustic barrier and an aluminium foil on the other.

This unique material construction results in high sound absorption for a variety of marine panels such as steel, fibreglass, aluminium and timber. Please click here to find out more about this leading Marine Soundproofing product.

What is Marine Soundproofing?

Marine Soundproofing is the process of using specially designed insulation sheets and panels to dampen sound transmissions, reverberation and vibrations from boat hulls and engine rooms. It is a vital part of improving your marine vessel's overall comfort and efficiency on the water as the vibrations can impact those on board as well as marine life.

When properly installed, the marine soundproofing materials absorb soundwaves that penetrate its material. Marine Soundproofing products are designed for all kinds of boats, ships and yachts but can also be used for various industrial applications, such as plant rooms and mechanical service rooms. Keep reading to learn more about Marine Soundproofing.

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Luxury Yachts & Boats Soundproofing

Luxury Yachts & Boats

From luxurious yachts to cosy houseboats, comfort and tranquillity whilst sailing the high seas is a necessity. But unfortunately, excess noise and vibrations from the engine can prevent those on board from having a positive and peaceful experience. Soundproof Warehouse’s offer Australian-made, safety and industry certified marine soundproofing solutions that will enhance your time at sea and encourage smoother sailing. Not to mention a 10-year warranty for that extra peace of mind!

Workboats & Commercial Ships Soundproofing

Workboats & Commercial Ships

Soundproof Warehouse understands the importance of creating a safe, efficient work environment, especially on marine vessels. Our Marine Soundproofing solutions are extremely durable, fireproof and proven to help control vibrations from engine rooms and protect the vessel from structural fatigue. Unlike marine soundproofing foam, our polyester-based material will not degrade over time as it is not affected by oil, water and hydrolysis.

Marine Soundproofing

Installation Process


Measure Your Marine Vessel

You will need the exact cubic measurements of your space - length, width, and height. Measure the area carefully and apply the measurements to the VyBar® with a black felt tip marker. We recommend increasing the sizes by 1-2 mm for a tight fit.


Order Your Preferred Size & Quantity

Choose between our 10mm or 20mm Vybar sheets. If you need advice or guidance, please contact us directly.


Begin Your Easy Install!

Once delivered, follow the instructions provided to begin your DIY install! Where airflow is required, expert advice should be sought from our engineer, as acoustic baffles may be needed.

Trusted Advice & Soundproofing Solutions

Whether you're an experienced ship engineer or DIY boat enthusiast, the most reliable, cost-effective way to soundproof your marine vessel is with Soundproof Warehouse.

Reach out to our friendly team today for free, professional advice on Marine Soundproofing, or order your complete soundproof solution online now.


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