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How to stop noise coming through your windows

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 How to stop noise coming through your windows

A room with no windows is a prison, but sometimes your windows can be your worst enemies. They are one of the weakest points in your home when it comes to soundproofing, letting in significant amounts of traffic and machinery noise. Whether you’re working in an office above a busy street or at home under a flight path, noise coming through your windows can disrupt your day. It’s important to know how to soundproof windows.

Traditional options like roller shutters, cheap double-glazed glass and heavier glass can help, but often require extensive work such as removing the existing window or access to the outside of the building. For the casual DIYer, these options can be costly and difficult. But let’s look at the options available.

1. Double-glazing

Double glazing is a window construction that uses two glass window panes separated by a gap. It is a complete window replacement and may require a builder to install, depending on your state’s regulations. In some instances, the gap between the panes can be filled with a gas to improve the acoustic properties.

While many see it as an ideal or premier solution, double-glazing has certain disadvantages. This includes moisture build-up that may lead to expensive repairs.

2. Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are cheaper option than double-glazing. They can be installed with a silicone sealant to provide a completely sealed air gap between the existing window and shutter, providing reasonable noise reduction. However, the downside to shutters is the need to have them closed to provide any noise reduction, thus losing the natural light and view from the window, essentially turning it into a wall.

3. Secondary Glazing

Acoustic window retrofits are built ‘over’ your existing windows. With the ability to install these as an add-on to an existing window, they are considerably more cost-effective than replacing the entire window. In fact, they can be installed incredibly quickly and, when done properly, leave no damage to the existing window or window sill.

Our Pick– Secondary Glazing

When installed, an acoustic window can reduce up to 70% noise. This provides a similar level of soundproofing as the walls around the window, strengthening the weakest point of your soundproofing. Compare that to the options listed above like shutters and heavier glass, which may provide as little as a 20% reduction, and you can see the benefits.

At Soundproof Warehouse, we supply Soundproof Acoustic Windows, which feature laminated glass with a minimum thickness of 6.38 mm and acoustic seals. These come in a range of sizes and are available in custom sizes for special orders. They have been tested and certified through laboratory testing to provide incredible sound reduction, making them the top choice for soundproofing your windows. Organise a free measure and quote with us today!

You can check out our full range of soundproofing supplies here. In case of any queries, call Steve without any hesitation at 07 3287 7647 or 0431 576 667 (Outside office hours).

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