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5 Reasons Secondary Glazing windows is better than Double Glazing

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We think that secondary glazing windows is better than double glazing your windows. Arguments all over the internet will try to sway you towards one of the two sides. When we decided to sell acoustic windows at Soundproof Warehouse, we did our research. Just like you’re doing yours now. Selling secondary glazing windows over double glazing windows was a calculated decision based on their advantages and disadvantages.

secondary glazing windows

Here’s a quick list:

  1. It is cheaper
  2. It blocks more sound
  3. It is less hassle
  4. No moisture build-up
  5. It is more eco-friendly

Now, before we jump into the expanded points, let’s simply think about what glazed windows do. They trap heat and they block sound. Now that that’s covered, let’s move on to your specific needs. Since you’re here, chances are that you live in a noisy locality. And who knows how to remedy noisy localities better than Soundproof Warehouse?

But of course, even if your main agenda is to block sound, it doesn’t hurt to trap some heat in the process. The good news is that Secondary Glazing and Double Glazing are both excellent for both these purposes! Confusion is a given. Especially when no schooling readies you for this conundrum. I mean… how many times in a lifetime does one pick between two types of glazed windows anyway?

This is why you have us! And we LOVE helping our website visitors out. So buckle up for some new knowledge you may never need again. But hey, now is the best time to use it. Here’s our take on why you could do so much better with a Secondary Glazed Windows:

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1. It is cheaper

An obvious first point. Secondary Glazed windows are almost 48% cheaper because you don’t need to replace any old fitting. It is simply an additional window you install in front of your preexistent one. Of course, there’s also the option of retrofit double-glazed windows. These cost around the same as secondary glazing. But there’s a catch to it since you will use more resources to repaint and replaster the walls. Also, since double-glazed windows cannot be repaired, the entire window will need to be replaced if damaged. Even though double glazing is two times better at blocking heat, payback is slow.

To explain this better, let us assume that you live in a small three-bedroom house. Double glazed windows will save you approximately 5-10% on your temperature regulation bills annually. Based on this, the expensive investment will pay back in around 40 years.

Both methods save you on heating and cooling costs nonetheless. The question arises—does cheaper mean less efficient? Not at all! Continue reading to find out why.

2. It blocks more sound 

For those with soundproofing as the main agenda, Secondary Glazing is an obvious winner. Why is that? Because it reduces up to 70% noise. A Double Glazed window on the other hand, only offers about 42% noise reduction. This is because double-glazed window panes are relatively closer to each other. Conversely, each piece of glass in a secondary-glazed window acts as an independent barrier to noise. The fact that the two glass panes are of a different thickness further reduces noise. Acoustic insulation is, therefore, better with a wider cavity between the two panes.

Using existing windows, a secondary pane is added. Formed with two panes of glass, separated by a thin cavity.
Minimum fuss installation. Have to replace existing windows.
Cheaper and more affordable solution. Higher cost than secondary glazing.
Up to 70% noise reduction. Up to 42% noise reduction.

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3. It is less hassle

Secondary glazing has the same kinds of advantages as double glazing. It is cheaper yet better at soundproofing. Turns out, it is also more convenient! Because double glazing involves two panes of glass with vacuum insulation between them, you need to change the entire window if you want to get it double glazed. Secondary glazing requires no such drastic changes. You simply install supplementary glazing to your existing windows. Depending on your needs, this can either be permanent or temporary. A word of caution though—even though people say that secondary glazing can be a DIY project, we’d advise against it. Why is that? Because it is hard to get a perfect measure without experience. Plus, working with glass can be a dangerous endeavour. This is why our team of experts at Soundproof Warehouse will save you the trouble. That’s twice the hassle saved!

4. No moisture build-up

Double glazed windows, unlike secondary glazed ones, are susceptible to condensation and moisture build-up (Wilson & Nowak, 1960). This is because their design doesn’t allow for easy evaporation of water. This often results in windows looking cloudy. Not a pretty sight! To add to the woes, if the windows stay moist for long enough, they will attract mould. Imagine spending all that money just to pay extra for expensive repairs. And by expensive repairs we mean replacing the entire window again. Secondary glazed windows allow you to clean the windows from all sides easily and minimise this risk. Cleaning four sides every now and then is certainly better than irreparable rot.

5. It is more eco-friendly

With climate change being such an important issue lately, we’d like to do our bit. Old discarded windows simply add to landfill waste. You might think that glass can be recycled easily. A report by the Environment and Communications References Committee of the Australian Senate proves otherwise. It says that small glass fragments and contaminants cannot be used in recycled glass manufacturing. Not just this, but these fragments contaminate other recyclable materials. Here are the words straight from the horse’s mouth- “the committee received evidence that glass poses a particular challenge to the current recycling industry.” (2018, p.138) Surprised? We were too! Secondary Glazing will avoid another window from damaging the environment. Do it for mother nature!

At Soundproof Warehouse, our forte is acoustic insulation. We highly recommend secondary glazed windows for guaranteed peace and quiet. Our Acoustic Windows flaunt 6.38MM laminated glass, which is thicker than the standard 4mm that most double glazed windows use. With a wider air gap and acoustic grade seals, our windows provide a 10 decibel sound reduction in a retrofit assembly… That’s as effective as a brick veneer wall!

Save money, resources, manpower and the environment with our secondary glazed windows. Organise a free measure and quote with us today! Our 5-year workmanship guarantee stems from having over 20 years of experience in the industry. And if you’re still confused, give us a call to have your specific queries answered.

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