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Restaurant Soundproofing

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Are you needing restaurant soundproofing because your space is too noisy? Are your customers struggling to have an intimate conversation or having to shout over the top of one another? Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how delicious your meal is — if an overwhelming amount of noise taints the dining experience, it will leave a bad taste in your customer’s mouth.

Luckily, Soundproof Warehouse has the perfect solution to cultivate a comfortable restaurant environment — high sound absorption Ultra Quiet Panels.

In enclosed spaces, such as a restaurant, sounds including voices, clanging plates, scraping chairs etc., will bounce round, causing an increasingly loud setting. Our Ultra Quiet Panels improve the overall acoustics by absorbing persistent noise reverberation reflecting off walls, windows and ceilings.

So whether you have a smaller restaurant and seek a softer, more relaxing atmosphere, or a larger space that wants to maintain a lively experience that isn’t headache-inducing, this product is for you. Keep on reading to learn more about our restaurant soundproofing solution.

Acoustics & Ambiance — Soundproofing for Smaller Restaurants

It’s important to create an intimate yet welcoming ambiance for smaller restaurants. Installing Ultra Quiet panels will help reduce unwanted echoes and kitchen noise from flooding the room, yet still allow a pleasant, underlying hum of brunch or dinner conversation. As always, Soundproof Warehouse is able to assess your restaurant area and advise on the best installation method.

The Perfect Balance — Soundproofing for Larger Restaurants

Some restaurants featuring a bar or pub may prefer to keep a sense of hustle and bustle — a comfortable mix of music and conversation to fill the space. If this is the case, we can recommend the right amount of sound panels to install to strike that perfect balance between too quiet and too loud. We are able to custom-design and cut these Ultra Quiet panels to fit any room type, whilst keeping the aesthetic appealing. Chat with our team today to learn more!

Benefits Summary

  • Cultivates a more comfortable, relaxing dining experience
  • Allows clearer communication between employees and patrons
  • Reduces the number of order mistakes, saving time and money
  • Enhances acoustics and refines background music levels
  • Reduces loud kitchen noise spilling into the seated area
  • Creates a more enjoyable environment for staff

Outdoor Restaurant Soundproofing

If your restaurant is located outdoors, we would recommend opting instead for our Outback Acoustic Panels. This superior outdoor soundproofing product is ideal for all commercial and industrial applications. Featuring a perforated back-surface, a 50mm absorption core, and the highest possible NRC rating of 1, you won’t find a better outdoor sound solution!

The Superior Restaurant Soundproofing Product — Ultra Quiet Panels

Our Ultra Quiet sound absorbing panels are seamless, sleek and able to fit on any restaurant wall or ceiling. When measured and installed correctly, the panels lower the decibel levels back to a comfortable level and allow clearer verbal communication. Custom-made with an absorption rating NRC of 1 (the highest possible), they are highly suitable for reducing reverberation in buildings of any shape or size.

Made from an advanced type of foam, these sound panels exhibit high fire resistance and low thermal conductivity. These materials are also incredibly lightweight, making them easy for DIY installation and safe for any indoor environment.

View Ultra Quiet Panels

Installation Process

The installation process of our Ultra-Quiet Panels is quick and easy, however it will depend on the equipment, preference, and recommendations of the sound engineer. If you would prefer for our experienced team to complete the installation for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out today!

  • Measure the Area
    You will need the exact cubic measurements of your restaurant — length, width, and height.
  • Order Your Preferred Size & Quantity
    If you need advice or guidance, please contact us directly.
  • Begin Your Easy Install!
    Once delivered, follow the instructions provided to begin your DIY install! If necessary, you can opt for one of our soundproofing experts to do the job for you. We’re more than happy to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I paint the panels?
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    Ultra-Quiet materials are not suitable for painting. They are designed so you can easily skip this step, as they are visually appealing and available in versatile pre-existing finishes. You can order the panels in your choice of colours: pure white and light grey.

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  • Can I cut the Ultra-Quiet materials?
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    The product cuts most satisfactorily with a more rigid blade such as a sharp carving knife. More flexible blades can produce a less precise finish. Circular holes can be cut with a hole saw.

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  • Can the panels get wet?
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    Being designed for interior use, this product is not weatherproof. The panels can withstand some damp conditions but not direct saturation. Therefore, you should avoid getting your Ultra-Quiet Panels wet.

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  • How many panels do I need to install?
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    To produce sufficient functionality, we advise installing panels to cover a minimum of 30% of your entire ceiling area (in the space you wish to soundproof). For walls, use a ratio of 10% (to be installed a high as possible).

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  • Can the panels be used outside and inside?
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    The panels are designed for inside/interior use only.

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  • How are the panels fixed?
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    Ultra-Quiet Panels are classed as adherable products, i.e. they are “glued on”. Installation should be via paintable silicone where plasterboard is the substrate. For other substrates, either all-purpose silicone or water-based construction adhesive such as liquid nails can also be used (low odour recommended). For detailed instructions refer to the installation tab.

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The Restaurant Soundproofing Experts

We promise to provide the most reliable, cost-effective restaurant soundproofing solutions. Whether your space is indoors or outdoors, small or large, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to our friendly team today for free, professional advice on which product would be best for you.

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