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New Product Announcement: Sliding Window Kits

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sliding windows

Attention all local tradies and seasoned DIYers – we are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our quality product lineup, the Sliding Window Kit! This innovative kit allows you to upgrade your existing windows with a sliding functionality, providing a sleek and modern look while enhancing the overall space and airflow of your home or home office. Continue reading to learn more about this fantastic new product.

Progressive product selection & expansion

As the leading Soundproofing specialists, we are committed to expanding our product range to suit the growing needs of all clients – including residential builders, handymen and home renovators.

Our latest and greatest Sliding Window Kit offers a cost-effective solution for those who have the know-how and expertise to build windows themselves on their own premises. Manufactured in QLD with state-of-the-art machinery and durable yet light aluminium, these kits have all the necessary components for easy installation, including:

  • Frames
  • Panels
  • Sashes
  • Locks
  • Screws
  • Rubber extrusion
  • Hardware

sliding windows

They are also available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different window dimensions. It’s important to choose the right fitment option based on the size and shape of your existing window, as well as your specific needs for ventilation and functionality.

Our professional team can help you determine the best one for your space – reach out for tailored advice today!

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Benefits of Installing Sliding Windows

Unlike our Acoustic Windows, which are an effective Secondary Glazing solution to reduce noise, our Sliding Window Kits are not a noise reduction tool. They are simply an effective solution for home and apartment builders looking to revamp their windows. However, there are many other benefits to installing sliding windows in your home or home office. Here are a few:

  • Improved ventilation: Sliding windows allow for better airflow than traditional windows, enhancing indoor air quality and improving overall comfort.
  • Energy efficiency: They are designed to fit tightly into the frame, reducing air leaks and helping to lower your energy bills.
  • Space-saving: As they do not swing open, they take up less space and can be installed in areas where traditional windows would not fit.
  • Easy to operate: Due to their seamless functionality, they are easy to open even for children and the elderly.
  • Low maintenance: The sleek aluminium design is low maintenance and does not require regular painting or staining like traditional windows.
  • Modern aesthetic: Enhance the style and value of your home or home office with the sleek and stylish design.

Overall, sliding windows are an excellent, cost-effective choice for experienced builders and renovators looking to improve ventilation, energy efficiency, and overall convenience in their residential space.

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