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Autex Acoustics®: Stellar Soundproofing Solutions

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Autex Acoustics

If you value peace, productivity, and pristine sound quality in your workspace or home, the Autex Acoustics® range could be your saving grace.

In today’s busy world, unwanted noise can seep into our homes and offices, disrupting our focus and impacting our overall well-being. That’s where Autex Acoustics® comes in. With over 50 years of experience, Autex Acoustics® designs innovative soundproofing and insulation products world-wide.

Keep reading to discover more about this versatile range of products and how Soundproof Warehouse can help you choose the right Autex solution for you.

What is Autex Acoustics®?

Autex Acoustics® leads the way in crafting world-class acoustic panels and insulation products, focusing on non-woven architectural textiles. Today, the company caters to more than 18 export markets, offering durable, sustainable and diverse products tailored to the building industry’s evolving needs.

They’re also the first company in the interior acoustics field to eliminate all carbon emissions from their operations and products, making them carbon-neutral.

From targeted sound-absorption systems to high-performance acoustic panels, Autex Acoustics® are ideal for most living, working and learning environments.

Benefits of Autex: Think Globally, Act Locally

  • Exceptional sound absorption/acoustic performance
  • Australian designed & owned
  • 50+ years of industry experience & research
  • 100% carbon-neutral
  • Use 45% to 80% recycled polyester fibre
  • Turns over 200 tons of waste trimmings into new items & recycles over 40 tons for local manufacturers
  • Huge array of sizes, colours, patterns & textures
  • Endless customisation options
  • Easy installation
  • Aesthetic, high-end finishes

Soundproof Warehouse: Autex Acoustics® Range

Acoustic Timber™

Acoustic Timber™ is the perfect solution for enhancing the sound quality and reducing noise in your office or home. This high-performance, light-weight acoustic treatment looks just like natural wood and is available in panels, baffles, and ceiling tiles.

Autex carefully chose premium woodgrains from genuine wooden veneers and used advanced printing technology to replicate them onto the panels, ensuring a luxurious, natural finish. You can customise panel lengths from 2400 mm to 2700 mm to fit your space and choose from a range of timber grain colours.

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Frontier™ is a revolutionary acoustic baffle (ceiling and wall) system designed for retail, education, hospitality, and open-plan workspaces that demand precise sound absorption. With Frontier™, designers can mix and match colours and designs, creating endless possibilities for customisation.

Whether you prefer rafts or fins, this product offers quick and easy installations. It’s an ideal solution for achieving pristine acoustics while adding a touch of style to any space.

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These thin, semi-rigid panels are designed to bend and play with light, featuring precise angular cuts to add depth and texture to your space.

With six pattern suggestions and endless customisation options, you can tailor these panels to suit your aesthetic preferences, while the Peel ‘n’ Stick backing ensures effortless installation.

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Quietspace® Panel

Crafted from 100% polyester fiber, the Quietspace® Panel captures 85% of sound energy, ensuring optimal absorption for offices, studios, or public spaces. Its firm face and cushioned backing maximise sound control.

Incredibly easy to install around fixtures like lighting, the Quietspace® Panel comes in standard black, white, or grey options. For more vibrant applications, simply overlay with Vertiface®.

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Vertiface® wallcovering boasts a smooth, flat pile on one side and a soft velour texture on the other, offering both durability and comfort. Available in a wide range of colours, you can customise your wallcovering to suit your aesthetic preferences. Its porous fabric is ideal for overlaying acoustic panels, providing excellent sound absorption.

With its diverse colour palette, easy installation and design flexibility, this Autex product offers endless possibilities for creating stunning and functional spaces.

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How to maintain your Autex Acoustics® products

Autex Acoustics® have a Manufacturer’s Guarantee of at least ten years ensuring quality performance. These durable products require minimal upkeep for their longevity.

Autex products prioritise health and hygiene and can be disinfected using isopropanol or ethanol diluted to 70% with water or disinfectants containing quaternary ammonium compounds. Regular light vacuuming prevents dust buildup, and you can clean most stains with a mild detergent solution.

Before cleaning, test on a hidden area to ensure compatibility. Avoid harsh abrasives and spot clean only. Please note that Frontier™ will need to be removed from the ceiling or wall to clean safely. Disassembly instructions can be found in individual product Install Instructions.

For tougher stains, please refer to the table below.

tougher stains

Need help choosing your soundproofing solution?

With over 20 years of experience, Soundproof Warehouse can recommend the ideal Autex Acoustics® product tailored to your space, preferences and budget.

We offer professional installation services to ensure your Autex Acoustics® product performs at its best, maximising its effectiveness and protecting your investment.

Whether a small DIY project or a larger commercial installation, we’ll provide peace of mind while you enjoy peace and quiet. Reach out to us to transform your space today.

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